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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry



The school offers a wide variety of clubs which are run mainly by the staff although we do bring in some expert coaches in areas such as Judo, Soccer and Gaelic.

    The school has an excellent club system which runs on Friday afternoons. All children from P4 to P7 take part. The clubs are organised so there are mixed age groups in all activities. This helps to enhance the school as a community and it also gives the older children the opportunity to be a positive role model to younger pupils.

    Along with those activities mentioned above the school also provides clubs in the following activities:

Chess                                   Fitness

Animation                             Board Games

Sewing                                 Flamenco Dancing

Rounders                             Computers

Tennis                                 Table Tennis

Cookery                               Netball

Athletics                               Outdoor Play